Spreading Our roots: Our story

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Our Story: Founded in 2013, The Giving Tree operates two medical cannabis wellness centers in the Valley of the Sun.
Our Mission: To provide high quality alternative care, education, and support in hope of improving the quality of life and relief of pain for those in need.

We take great pride in offering top-shelf cannabis products to patients from all walks of life. At our dispensaries, you will find we offer a holistic approach to supporting our clients. We offer a full range of medicated edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topical solutions, and flower. As part of our dedication to health and wellness, we also invite you to join us for our weekly yoga sessions.
Meet the two amazing women entrepreneurs that are the driving force behind the culture, ideology, and business practices of The Giving Tree.


gina - owner

Gina worked the night shift in the emergency room trenches at a Phoenix-area hospital for close to a decade, where she treated trauma patients, “drug-seekers” and everything in between. Frustrated by the pressure placed on her and her colleagues to administer highly addictive opioids to help ease patients’ pain levels, Gina hung up her stethoscope to explore her true passion: alternative therapies.

The mother of two (almost three at the time) ventured out to create a haven in which patients could have access to a variety of affordable alternative therapies and also dispel the myths associated with them.

Enter medical cannabis. At about the same time, Arizona residents voted to legalize medical cannabis, and the missing piece to Gina’s dream was in clear site. She co-founded the Giving Tree just days before giving birth to her third child.

Now, Gina serves as the medical director of The Giving Tree, where she treats patients in a setting far more welcoming and comfortable than an emergency room. Fueled by her passion for healing, Gina provides counseling to patients, guiding them toward the right medicine that will help them achieve relief from their conditions that have not been relieved with traditional Western medicine.


lilah - owner

Hailing from a country where cannabis is much more freely accepted, used and researched, it only made sense that Lilach would foster a passion for alternative therapies and enter the cannabis industry in America.

Crediting her leadership skills to her time served as a sergeant in the Israeli Air Force, she is now co-founder and managing director of The Giving Tree. Lilach oversees all employees and services, keeping the company at the forefront and its employees in-the-know of new technologies and policies and the latest in cannabis education, legislation and research. You could say she lives and breathes this stuff.

Lilach spearheaded the formation of the biochemical department at The Giving Tree, bringing on two chemists focused on experimenting with medical cannabis extracts (CO2 extraction) to create contemporary new alternatives for administering cannabis. Under her leadership, the department implemented a proprietary extraction method free of alcohols or hydrocarbons. The result? The purest cannabis products out there.

Lilach proves that even between carpools and packing school lunches, moms can find their place within the cannabis industry… and make quite an impact, too.


We choose to offer only the highest quality brands and products. Quality to us means that the product is what it says it is and that no corners were cut in its production. We hire and train the most knowledgeable patient consultants so that they can provide quality service and share accurate information. We also care deeply about the impact our business makes on the community we live in: we are environmentally conscious, we provide a robust benefits package to our employees and we dedicate ourselves to local charities we truly believe in.
Our patient consultants are here to assist in making sure our services meet your individual needs. Knowledge is power, and we offer free personal, private consultations to answer any, and all, questions our patients have about medical cannabis. This service is available to patients, family members or those in the community who have questions.

Cultivating Talent

We claim with complete confidence to have the most qualified team in the state of Arizona. The Giving Tree family is recruited from all over the world.  Knowledge, experience, the right personality, passion and vision – these are all attributes that we select carefully from. We are able to supply our patients with top-grade products because of the vast skill set of The Giving Tree family.









Do you think you have all the right attributes to join our team? We’d love to meet you! Please submit a cover letter and resume with references at the careers page.

Giving Back

Staying true to our name, we make our best effort to give to the community we call home. We donate our time and money to a variety of causes and organizations, including:

Making Strides

The largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation.


A nonprofit, anti-abuse organization that provides shelter for victims of domestic violence.

Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis

A leader in research, education and patient support.

Giving Tree Wellness Center’s and our inspirational patients have donated $85,000+ over the years.

Interested in getting involved? Visit one of our two locations, or give us a call.

21617 N 9th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027

(623) 242-9080

938 E Juanita Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204

(480) 272-9888