Since opening our medical marijuana dispensary doors in both Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona in 2013, The Giving Tree Wellness Center has provided patients with the finest medical grade cannabis products available. As our industry continues to quickly grow and change, we choose to innovate with our community’s needs in mind. Our story is still beginning, and we hope you’ll join us in crafting the next chapter. Continue on to further explore our history, team and unique mindset into health, relief and overall wellness.

Hand Picked For Our Medical Marijuana Dispensary

We offer the top medical grade cannabis available, including our own cultivated line of products. Our savvy team skillfully compiles our menu to fully serve your wants and needs. Check back often, as our offerings are always changing.

Cultivating a Knowledgeable
Cannabis Community

Have you tried cannabis and still have questions? Are you or a family member considering trying medical cannabis? Are you part of a group that would like to learn more about cannabis and the options available? The Giving Tree offers free personal consultations to anyone who is interested in learning more about cannabis, its effects, the how-to’s, and any additional questions about our medical marijuana dispensary. If you organize a group of people wanting to learn more, The Giving Tree will also come to you.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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This is the place to get in contact with the Giving Tree family.

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Cultivating Talent

Part of the growth of a medical marijuana dispensary in both Phoenix and Mesa is employing the best team possible.  Our team members are carefully selected for their knowledge, experience, personality, passion and vision. Each employee we add is a growth of another sturdy branch to the Giving Tree family.


We Are More Than a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

More than just a dispensary, check in for Giving Tree updates on events, giveaways and insider knowledge into the cannabis industry.


2017 Year in Review

2017 was a year to remember. From the very beginning, 2017 had its challenges. The aftermath of Prop 205 failing, a new president's questionable stance on marijuana, the infamous January '17 MJ Freeway... Read More 

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