On Monday July 15th,

why not try something new?

In fact, we highly recommend it.


Introducing our new, delicious Katatonic™ Rosin Batter.

Like all of our products, it's produced using our all-natural, pesticide residue-free, top-shelf flower, transcending typical concentrates. Harder than butter and softer than shatter, this stuff has some extreme terpene content. Our Rosin Batter provides immaculate flavors and extremely high levels of potency for lasting strength.

Join us here at the Giving Tree Dispensary when the Batter drops. Not only will you be one of the first to experience it, but you can take advantage of killer deals on your favorite Katatonic products as well!

20% Off Dry Sift Rosin

Buy2/Get1 Free on Katatonic Pre-Rolls

Plus! We have other brands joining in on the fun:

  • MÜV Concentrates - Buy1/Get1 Free

  • WANA Edibles - Buy1/Get1 Free