Support Medical Cannabis for Autism Clinical Study

autism interview

Today a group of amazing people launched a crowd funding campaign for a clinical study about the effects of medical cannabis for autism. In the past four months, small pre-clinical work was done examining the effects of cannabis (high CBD) on autistic kids. The results were amazing and a clinical trial was built in order to establish solid results and make it evidence based. A few pharma companies suggested to donate money, but they wanted the intellectual property for themselves.

In order to keep the results public and really to help these kids, a volunteer (non profit) group is trying to raise money for this clinical study- to keep it public.

Here is their story…

Let’s Give kids and adults with Autism, and their families, a new hope for a better life with medical Cannabis treatment.

My name is Abigail Dar, Yuval’s mother. Yuval is a 23-year-old diagnosed with severe Autism. He is non-verbal, apraxic, and suffers from SPD. Yuval was treated with over a dozen of anti-psychotic drugs since he was 12, because Autism, even though considered a neurological disorder, is treated with anti-psychotics for the symptoms that come with it – endless anxiety, restlessness, violent outbreaks, self-injuries behavior or what we call “life in the shadow of hell”. Yuval was suffering and so were we – his loving family.

Until we found out about this wonderful plant, Cannabis, a plant that for various reasons, we know so little about. After treating my son with medical Cannabis, he became a different person, Peaceful, smiling, more engaging, and the most important thing, he stopped harming himself and others.

Unfortunately, this miracle is not accessible to most Autistic kids and adults. In order for Autism become a Qualifying Condition for the MMJ States around the world, we need a proper study, and this needs to happen TODAY. this is what this fundraiser is all about!

Bringing this miracle to kids and adults with Autism. It’s up to us – their advocates – to ensure that thier quality of life will improve. We must act today and bring this miracle  to the world.