CO2 Extract at Giving Tree

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Here at Giving Tree we’re constantly looking to provide the finest quality medicine we can make, and our concentrates are no exception. We pledge to keep away from butane, hexane, and ethanol extracts and use only cold water press and CO2 extraction methods. We’re so happy we get to share our new medicine with you!

For those of you who are new to the extracts game, here’s the inside scoop:

What the heck is CO2 extract, and how do I medicate with it?

CO2 extraction, or supercritical fluid extraction, is a technique used to separate THC-loaded essential oils from plant material. Using high pressure, the CO2 precisely isolates these oils, producing an extremely potent, smooth product with loads of medicinal application. This extraction method is safe and health-conscious. Carbon Dioxide is pure and residue-free, unlike butane which is potentially toxic and can leave unwanted trace elements behind. Depending on the extraction method used cannabis concentrate can take on different consistencies. When pressed with ice water it is sand-like in texture. Extracting hash with butane will result in a sticky, golden “wax” or “shatter”. Alcohol extracts are tar-like and highly viscous.

CO2 extract oil has about the same consistency as thick maple syrup. It can be dabbed or vaporized . One of the best and unique aspects of CO2 extract is that it can be loaded into a refillable/disposable cartridge to use with a pen-style vaporizer. This is incredibly convenient, discreet, and cost-efficient. Since the extract is highly concentrated only a few small puffs are needed to achieve the desired effect.

Why don’t you make BHO (Butane Hash Oil)?

As a wellness center, we put health and safety first. Although BHO is very potent we believe it is not the best choice of concentrates. We couldn’t stand behind a BHO product while knowing it may contain residual additives and toxins. We will always do everything we can to provide our patients with pure, trustworthy medicine that remains free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. When can I get my hands on some concentrates? We will be unveiling our CO2 concentrate this July. Just in time for our 2 year anniversary! We guarantee you’re going to love it. Stay tuned!