Dispensary overcomes stigma, celebrates 3rd anniversary


Notching your third year is a big milestone for any small business, but it’s especially gratifying to Gina Berman and Lilach Power because of the hurdles and stigma they had to overcome just to get their medical marijuana dispensary up and running.

A former emergency room doctor, Berman serves as medical director of The Giving Tree Wellness Center, which has locations in Mesa and Phoenix. With a background in business and marketing, Power monitors legislative issues, industry trends and the latest research on medical marijuana.

Outside of business, they’re good friends and moms who pack school lunches and carpool to after-school activities.

Berman said she grew increasingly frustrated as a physician to see patients struggle with chronic pain and sometimes fall into opiate dependency.

“I was just continuing the problem. It was a lose-lose situation,” she said. “Now, I have a less-addictive alternative. I feel I’m part of the solution.”