Growers eye expansion in event Prop 205 passes


Those who grow medical-grade marijuana are thriving throughout Arizona. Instead of fields, you’ll find rooms full of the plants.

At the Giving Tree Wellness Center in Deer Valley, founder Lilach Power is growing about 1,000 plants in 10,000 square feet of space. Should Prop 205–the measure that would make marijuana legal for recreational use–pass, Powers estimates having to grow four times that amount.

She is one of many vying for property in Northern Arizona or south of Tucson where the climate is perfect to grow marijuana. Powers hopes to build big greenhouses to grow enough to meet demand in the event recreational marijuana becomes legal.

In states where marijuana is already legal, many farmers have already ditched their tomatoes and corn for cannabis.

Powers says at a recent University of Arizona farming conference, farmers were surprised to hear the profit margin in marijuana.