Help Shape the Future of Cannabis Research

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Help us help you shape the future of research and knowledge of medical cannabis!

At the Technion University in Haifa, Israel, Professor Meiri’s lab is performing groundbreaking research in various fields related to the Cannabis plant. In cooperation with hospitals, clinics, growers, and companies, they research how Cannabis affects certain diseases and medical conditions.

In order to improve the service and care for you and other patients, and to help us broaden our knowledge, please take a moment and answer an anonymous questionnaire at

Through this website you can find more information, track your monthly use, and get answers to many of your questions.

The knowledge you have is critical! Only you can provide the key to better understanding and improved care.


2 thoughts on “Help Shape the Future of Cannabis Research

  1. With the War on Chronic Pain Patients which began with the prior Administration and expanded by the current on under the guise on the” Opioid Epidemic” , those individual with rare disease such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS which causes moderate to severe unrelenting chronic pain (McGill University Pain Scale which ranges from 1-50 rates at 42 which is worse than childbirth of amputation , Fybromyalgia is rated at 32) Medical Cannabis is for the time being a viable and natural alternative for pain control in the absence of drugs such as opioids. Chronic Pain Warriors need an advocate and a very loud one at that!

    1. Thank you for sharing Allen! We agree that chronic pain patients need more attention including safer ways to deal with pain. We are doing our best to advocate for everyone in pain! Thank you for your support.

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