Medical marijuana enthusiasts celebrate 420

medical marijuana

As medical marijuana patients celebrate 420 Day today, others are busy collecting signatures to get recreational marijuana on the Arizona ballot in November.

For medical marijuana patients, celebrating 420 Day doesn’t mean getting stoned, said Dr. Gina Berman, medical director of The Giving Tree Wellness Center, which has two medical marijuana dispensaries in north Phoenix and Mesa.

“This is a day for patients in the state to celebrate their ability to not be criminals,” Berman said. “These folks are trying to live healthier lives and better lives. They’re not different from you or I. They have found a product that is helpful for them. They are not going to be criminals anymore, so it’s a celebration.”

Two groups are collecting signatures, hoping to garner enough support to get on the ballot so Arizona voters can decide whether they want to take the next step and legalize recreational marijuana.