The NEW Giving Green Rewards Program

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We are EXTREMELY excited to announce the NEW Giving Green Rewards Program at The Giving Tree Wellness Center! The new program will involve a simple “check-in” process via iPad mini’s at our Front Desk and will allow for ultimate points flexibility and awesome savings.

Benefits of the NEW Giving Green’s Reward Program:

  1. Increased flexibility with points and multiple point thresholds
  2. Patients will be able to check points online
  3. Patients will be able to easily preorder online (Order now in Phoenix or Mesa)!
  4. Patients will receive targeted messages relative to their preferences
  5. Patients will receive new weekly flash sales via text
  6. Loyalty members will receive exclusive deals

Here are the program basics…

  1. All patients receive 20 points just for coming in to the store (50 points for your very first check-in!)
  2. Patients who spend over $100 in-store (pretax) will also receive 1 point for each $1 spent in-store + 20 points for checking in. (Ex. Patient spends $120 pretax visiting in-store, they will receive 140 points).
  3. All patients receive 1 point for each pretax $1 spent preordering online or ordering delivery.

Reward Thresholds

Capsule Pack (40mg) or Grinder Card  300
Preroll or GT Gram  450
Tshirt or Small C-vault or Half gram GT Oil   650
$30 Credit  1000
$50 Credit  1500
$100 Credit  3000
$250 Credit  6500

Am I losing any points? What about my points?! 

You are not losing ANY points!  All your old loyalty points will be honored.  If you’re over 400 points today, we’ll cash them in and transfer the remaining over.  If you’re under 400 points today, we’ll move those existing points over PLUS whatever you purchase today.

Why the new loyalty program?

I’m glad you asked – look at our LOWER FLOWER PRICES!!  The $19 gram is now $16.25.  The $50 eighth is now $42.50!  Along with lowering prices ACROSS THE BOARD, we are rolling out all new specials and a new loyalty program.  And the best part is….

No more “one size fits all” reward.

Under the old program you had to wait until you had 400 points and that was it.  This new program gives you ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY.  Want to save points up and cash them all in for a big reward?  No problem.  You’d rather use a smaller amount today and save the rest for another time?  You can do it.  There are numerous reward levels built in NOW and we will add many more in the future.

With the lower flower prices and the increased flexibility, this program offers a similar reward value to our old program but with much more flexibility and interaction.  Especially if you…

Order online.

Now beat the line and order online!  Your order will be ready for you, just check in, pay, and be on your way!  And the best part?  Every online order, regardless of size, gets a point per dollar spent – just like the previous program.  Best of both worlds! Order online now in Phoenix & Mesa.

Finally, FOCUSED TEXTS – another awesome benefit!

When you signed up, you selected what you are interested in.  If you selected Concentrates, for example, when we offer a VIP Loyalty sale on shatter, you’ll receive the text and get the deal.  Maybe you don’t consume edibles and didn’t select edibles, for example, we won’t ever send you a text for an edible sale.  And so on… this drastically cuts down on the spam texts and you only get an alert for what you want to know about!  Login here (Phoenix or Mesa), and you can select in far more detail what you are interested and want to hear about.


8 thoughts on “The NEW Giving Green Rewards Program

    1. Thank you Sandi! We are working to improve what we can provide patients and are excited to provide easier methods to place and pickup orders.

  1. I’m excited to go in and sign up for the new program. Wish I could do it online though.

    1. You should be able to this week! We are working hard at getting the online menu launched ASAP 🙂

  2. So I have to spend 3 times the amount of money to get the same discount? The reason I am loyal to GreenTree is because of the reward program. Now that you are making us spend 3 times the amount to get the same discount, I will start shopping around the other dispensaries starting today. It’s unfortunate you had to get greedy.
    – No Longer Loyal!

    1. Jason, we are sorry you feel this way. The points with the new program are different than points with the old program, but it is an entirely NEW program. Yes, they are not worth the same, but the new program is rolled out with a big reduction in medicine prices as well as the other benefits listed above. We are working on providing more flexibility, more flash sales and bigger perks for our loyal members, we hope you give our new program a chance. Thank you for sharing, and we hope to see you again soon.

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