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APPLICATION SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED, we will begin accepting applications again in January, 2018.

First, we want to thank you for your interest in joining our Tree Team. Here is a bit about the goals of this team and why we have decided to develop such a team.

Our Goals in having the Tree Team:

  • Quality Control for our cultivation
  • Quality Control for our vendor products offered to patients
  • To help determine the future of new vendor products with the GTWC
  • Honest, timely feedback
  • Having a group of patients with diverse background, needs, and tolerances to help provide the feedback to what is offered to our community of medical marijuana patients.

We decided on developing a team of Arizona State Medical Marijuana card holders to offer, honest, timely, detailed opinions on what our community would like our dispensaries to carry. This team will consist of no less than 10 active participants and 3 that are “on-call” status if needing to replace one of the members for unseen reasons.

How are participants selected you might ask? Well, there is the application portion (see attached) and the interview. This interview will be either with the Director of the program or with the Chief Compliance Officer. This interview, depending on the availability of both the interviewer and interviewee can be either in person, Skype, or phone.

What are the expectations being a part of the team? All samples must be picked up within 24 hours of notification a sample is ready (unless other notice is given), try the given sample within the time frame, give honest feedback via the feedback form, and that’s really all there is to it. We just ask that you not give or sell this product to anyone else.

This all sounds great, right? What’s the catch? Good news! There isn’t one! All we ask is that you do these 3 little things, and help us to offer what MMJ patients are looking to help in the management of a wide range of ailments.

With that being said, it is a 6-month commitment on the team. If you are chosen as a member of the team, and your card is due to expire within the 6-month period, to please renew it during the allotted time the state allows.  

One last thing, we want to remind you, this is a volunteer position, and you are not an “employee” of The Giving Tree Wellness Center, but you are a valuable part of helping the MMJ community’s voice be heard.

Thank you!

APPLICATION SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED, we will begin accepting applications again in January, 2018.


6 thoughts on “Join “The Tree Team” & Sample Our Medicine

  1. I would love test meds for you guys I have been a patient since the program started and have consumed cannibis for almost 35 year I have a high tolerance and am a good example of your average patient in Arizona

    1. You sound like a great fit! Make sure to apply, and our team will be reaching out for interviews after July 14th.

  2. Will you be selecting new participants every 6 months? If so will it be necessary to reapply each time?

    1. Hi Jen! The plan is to select new participants every 6-months, and will 100% use previous applications if they match who we are looking for. Thank you for your interest!

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